Wine Magazine Shiraz Challenge 2009- Top 10 for Dombeya

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We do enter our wines in a few shows and competitions, both in South Africa and internationally. It is one means of getting some recognition for your brand, and unfortunately in the wine game, without that you are going to struggle to make a go of things.

But like a lot of ‘marketing’, there is always a question mark over just how effective wine show results are in bringing you to the attention of consumers. Once upon a time winning a trophy was a sure bet to help you sell out of stock. Nowadays the publicity trail is quite fragmented, and at the same time cluttered with more competitions all vying for the high moral ground. There is less certainty about the benefit of competing, and every year more entries and a higher standard of wine quality as well. Then there is the cost.

This is one of the key hazards to entering a lot of shows. If you enter every one, it really puts a hole in your marketing budget. You need to sit down and plan your route of attack, add up the numbers and then make a calculated decision.

One wine that we tend to show a lot is our Boulder Road Shiraz. Every year, it comes up trumps for us in a major wine competition. In 2007, it won Double Gold at the Veritas Awards. In 2008, it won Top Gold ( Best in Class) at the IWSC in London, and this year it has just finished Top 10 in the 2009 Shiraz Challenge, South Africa’s only Shiraz dedicated wine show.

It is a nice accolade in a growing and very competitive category. This year there were over 200 entries. It is also an ‘open’ field, where wines of all price points compete against each other.

Here are the judges comments,

Dombeya Boulder Road 2007

Alc 14. 4%[/B]
Black, purple rim. Aromatic nose showing floral notes, chocolate and spice gives way to a medium bodied palate with juicy fruit, bright acidity and ”chewy” tannins. Keep for 2 to 4 years.