Rianie elected to Cape Winemakers Guild

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It has been a big year for Dombeya and our sister brand,  Haskell. Tons of awards and accolades, lots of nice press, but an announcement this week from the Cape Winemakers Guild is particularly significant.

Significant, because by being elected into the Guild, Rianie becomes the only woman winemaker in that elite group. Now we can debate the merits of why no woman has been deemed worthy until now but it is probably best to look forward, rather than backwards, on this matter. Lets just say that it is a wonderful moment for Rianie, and rightful recognition of a commitment to quality winemaking that has been ongoing for the best part of two decades.

The Cape Winemakers Guild has been in operation for 27 years. New members are admitted by invitation only, and must have at least five years of winemaking experience and a history of excellence in wine production in order to qualify. Then the candidate’s wines are judged by the Guild members, whereupon a final decision is made as to his or her inclusion in the Guild membership.

Every year, each member produces a small volume wine exclusively for the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction. It is one of the highlights on the South African wine calendar, with the wines fetching premium prices at a highly contested sale.

It is an exciting moment for Rianie, and for everyone involved at Dombeya Wines. Congratulations Rianie!