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One of the great things about this business is the passion of the people in and around it. Very rarely do you find anyone involved on the winemaking and viticultural side who isn’t in some way besotted with the possibility and mystery of wine. More often than not such people infect others with their passion- sometimes people just find their way to wine of their own accord. Either way, once it has got you hooked, the wine bug doesn’t let go without a fight, but then again, who wants to find a cure anyway!

We love receiving messages like this one below. And we don’t know where or how Nonhlanha found her love of wine, only that we’re glad she’s found us.

I love my chardonnay, I think it is the sexiest varietal that we were blessed with, I was looking for a chardonnay that will sweep my feet away, the love of my life…
A wine that I can take to the next brunch, braai with pride and excitement, that friends will enjoy and will put it on the list to buy..
Sometimes it’s strange how you find love..
As usual after a month or two, I visit Makro Woodmead and/or Winesense Melrose to stock up, basically buying wines that were recommended by friends or best views from Wine magazine etc..
This time around I decided to ask one of the wine packers at Makro to recommend a good chardonnay or uMakoya…
I bought one bottle because I didn’t trust his recommendation and really bought the wine to please him…
I was not disappointed in fact I have learned not to take people for granted… I wish I have asked for his name so that I can thank him…
I have bought a couple of bottles, ’cause I’m still excited
I have 2 or 3 bottles of my favourite wine in my boot due to the poor wine list of some of the Jo’burg restaurants and Dombeya Chardonnay 2007 included
I have found the love of my life,
This is the wine that when I have a sip, all the emotions of excitement come back and you share the tears of joy…
Thank you very much to the wine maker and to the terroir that has produced such DIVA!!!!!!!

Nonhlanhla Mzolo