Kajsa Wines to distribute Dombeya in Sweden

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We’ve mentioned it before in passing, but we can now confirm that we have a distributor in Sweden.

Kajsa Wines, owned and operated by Swedish sporting legend Kajsa Bergqvist, are now the exclusive importer and distributor for Dombeya ( and our sister brand, Haskell Vineyards) in Sweden.

Sweden is a serious market for South African wines, and one that we have been keen to break into for some time. Kajsa came out to the Cape and tasted our wines at the start of the year, then tasted them again at Prowein in Germany last month. We received an order soon after and both Dombeya and Haskell should be available for sale in Sweden by the middle of the year.

Kajsa is seriously into her wines and probably the coolest wine sales rep on the planet. We’re very excited to be hitching our wagon to the Kajsa Wines horse.