Giving back a little…..

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As another cold spell hits the Western Cape, leaving everybody running for cover and or the covers, it’s time for vines to be pruned and composting to start.

All vine cuttings are collected and chipped, garden waste that had been collected throughout the year is mixed in along with some straw, grape marc and stems from the previous vintage.   This is then scooped up and mixed and then placed in long piles (windrows) for  the decomposing process to start.

We have been composting all the cellar, vineyard and garden waste for the past two seasons and already we can see what positive effect it has had, not only on our vines and soil ,but the budget as well.

As far as pruning is concerned we started with our young vines and chardonnay this week, weather permitting we should finish by the end of the week and then move to merlot, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon.  The timing of pruning is determined by budding dates, so varieties like chardonnay that bud early in the season are pruned first and varieties like cab and mourvedre and are pruned later in the season.

P.S. Keep warm…, I suggest getting cosy with a bottle of Dombeya.