Future Winemakers

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Last week we had the school’s squirrels, the grade before grade R – 5 year olds, out to the farm for a day in the vineyards and cellar. We first took them to the vineyard so that they can pick their own grapes for the ‘pressing’ in the cellar. This must have been quite hard work for them and was the time when we could separate the future farmers from the future accountants. The latter being the ones that did not want their hands to get dirty and sticky.

Luckily not too many of them – kids will be kids and love all messy stuff!!! After this was the time for the big ‘stomping’ in the cellar. All the grapes that were picked were put into bins and the kids had to climb in and press the juice out with their feet. This gave for huge laughter and enjoyment. I guess the cool water on their feet for cleaning was a bigger hit as it was quite a hot day.

Then came the time to taste the fermenting juice, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed, before it was time for their picnic under the trees with our lovely view over the mountains.

At least some of the mothers that came along had some time to sample our wines before they had to leave. It was a great day and I am sure all had lots of fun and will be back soon. Who knows, maybe one of the youngsters ends up as the future winemaker of Dombeya.