Dombeya Open day 2009 – Many Thanks

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Last Saturday ( June 20) we held our annual Open Day, a get -together for friends of Dombeya where we opened every wine we have ever made, played a bit of music and just had some fun whilst drinking good wine.

It was great to see how many people turned up to join us, a nice mix of regular buyers, new faces and people who just saw a mention on the internet and decided to come for a drive and see for themselves what was going on.

We were lucky with the weather. Come Sunday, the Helderberg was obscured by fog and mist and the temperature had dropped five degrees. Someone was looking out for us. We’ll post a few more pictures of the day as the week passes, including some ‘interesting’ ones of the Human Llama Trophy contest!

Once again, thanks to everyone for coming and we look forward to catching up again next year.