Dombeya hits the Harbour City

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We have been trying for a while to get our wines into Australia. It has been no mean feat, as South African wine is something of an unknown quantity there (and without a proven track record) so in the main there was polite indifference to the idea.

Which is strange, because South Africans have been moving to Australian en masse for the best part of fifteen years and one would think that there would be some demand for SA wines down under. Nonetheless, despite pointing this unique selling propostion out to a number of Australia’s leading importers, our pleas fell on deaf ears.

Then we ran into Eurocentric Wines principal, Neville Yates. When we heard he was a wine importer, we pinned him to the ground and threatened to intravenously feed him Tassenberg unless he agreed to take us on. Faced with such a choice, he signed up, and in early 2009 our first wines arrived in Sydney, Australia.

Both Rianie and Grant have spent some time in the Sydney market with Neville in the intervening period, Rianie especially so after the Tri-Nations win in September. As a result, in company with Neville’s hard work and persistence, we have secured some fantastic listings at world class restaurants. These include Aria [/URL],Bentley Bar, Quay and Gallileo, amongst others.

Our wines have also made it into the Perth market, and various other regional on and off trade premises which we’ll certainly elaborate on at a later date.

It is wonderful to see Dombeya being enjoyed and appreciated in a mecca of fine food like Sydney, and needless to say, we greatly appreciate the support that everyone has offered.